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Sending a warm welcome to all involved in the Summer Service Partnership this year!

We are so excited to explore and learn about community health with everyone, including our Woodlawn community team and community partners, this summer.  We are eager to discover how we will all contribute, collaborate, and work together over the next seven weeks.  

We spent this past week preparing to support our teammates as well as to serve as mentors and guides in realizing our team’s vision for the community and for reaching team and personal goals. In Woodlawn, we met key community leaders working at organizations like the Living Room Café (http://www.inspirationcorp.org/the-living-room-cafe-pages-36.php), Bessie Coleman Library, B’Gab’s Goodies (http://bgabsgoodies.com/), the Woodlawn Social Services Network, and great leaders at local churches. During this time as team mentors, we also began to learn a few things…

  1.  SSP has a great reputation in Woodlawn, which can be built upon, strengthened, and that will help us to engage in the neighborhood quickly and profoundly.
  2.  Community leaders are excited about the work that we will be trying to do, and they cannot wait to meet our entire team.  They are inspired by the dedication of our high school students to work and serve directly in the neighborhood!
  3.  We each have a lot to learnabout being a mentor, teammate, and community advocate, but we can do this together!
  4.  Creating a balance between work and play time makes us more productive and allows us to have fun!
  5.  Never underestimate the importance of a light backpack, comfortable walking shoessunscreen, hat orsunglasses, healthy snacks, and water!

But at the end of it all, we cannot wait to get started on this incredible journey ahead of us Let’s get moving!

Jen, Kelli, and Lizzy

Team Woodlawn Mentors