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To start, I am so ready for our summer after this week. These last four days getting to know my team, all of the assets we each bring, and developing a team environment that we are comfortable in has made me very optimistic about what we will be able to accomplish together. I was very impressed and encouraged by Kelli and Lizzy’s leadership skills, Adorah’s warmth, Michael’s enthusiasm, Taylor’s willingness, and Alexis’ thoughtfulness. Everyone’s excitement about all of the great volunteer opportunities we have to choose from made me so, so happy as well. In short, I can already tell we have a great team.

Learning about the variety and large quantity of assets in our community was a very humbling experience for me. The number of people we spoke to and organizations we visited that are dedicated to improving the lives of Woodlawn residents and uplifting the community made me realize that Woodlawn is a community with a lot of hope and devotion to accompany the challenges it faces. That being said, one specific experience sticks out in my mind as a perfect representation of one of these challenges. When we stopped into the Woodlawn Resource Center on Tuesday, a man about 20 years old came into the center asking for help with a resume. After the woman at the front desk printed him out an example and he was about to leave, he stated, “I didn’t even know you guys were here!”

Woodlawn is full of community assets and places that are ready and willing to help its people. However, the amount that these organizations and people can help is somewhat limited by the difficulty of simply letting everyone know they are there. This is an issue I am looking forward to exploring further in the following weeks.

Congrats Team Woodlawn on a great first week!