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“We are the leaders that we are looking for.”

As a team mentor this week has been an important exploration in identifying individual, team, and community assets. It has been an opportunity to learn about how we can work together as a team and support one another to accomplish our individual and team goals. Some of the highlights this week were the many amazing meetings that we had with pillars and leaders of the community, watching our younger teammates introduce SSP in the community, and doing the POWER chant while walking down 63rd street. How does the POWER chant go?


We’ve got the power

Cause we are Team Woodlawn”

I am also excited about sharing our team’s progress with the rest of SSP through exploration of the South Side and community health as a large group. We have rounded up many service opportunities, and we now must prioritize and communicate with our community partners to take action in the community. It will be important for me and for the team to continue to prepare, serve, act, and reflect and maintain the momentum of the first week as we spend more time together in the community!