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This week Team Woodlawn learned about the importance of building trust and respect with each other, with community members, and with organizations. We built trust among our team by learning each other’s names and spirit animals, and by sharing our gifts and ideas with one another. We built respect through taking time to hear everyone’s contributions and questions, and by celebrating each other’s successes. We worked to build trust with community members by introducing ourselves and our purpose. We made appointments, and showed up on time. Finally, we built trust between ourselves and organizations, by showing ourselves willing to work and being clear about our ability to contribute and participate.

As two of the Woodlawn community pillars that we spoke with emphasized, trust and respect are the beginnings of any relationship. They create the foundation upon which any endeavor moves forward, and are the first step in the scaffolding of our community health projects. Without a strong team, we cannot rely on each other to make things work. Without strong relationships with community members and organizations, we will not be able to gather the resources and support to create a sustainable change. This trust and respect is also the basis for fun and laughter. We learned a power chant, made fish faces, and buzzed like bees. The most important thing I learned this week is that I can trust my team to have a great summer!