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Journal from 6-24-14

            Today was an overall good day and getting a step closer to knowing my team better. Knowing a good lifestyle but within with physical care and internal care is key. My low today was being tired but I know I will overcome it in the near future to really not have the same low again. I am looking forward to doing the project and being looked at as a resource for advice from my team and all of SSP, and that is one thing I forgot to mention in my personal asset map is that I am a great advice giver and can relate to a range of different situations. I want to be a long term friend and advice giver after the program to some if not all of the SSP team. I am feeling like my team is becoming a family and we will have our ups & downs but we still overcome it to get the job done. Meeting with Ms. Anita and Ben was a wonderful experience and opportunity at Life Organics (Anita) & Ben father’s vegetarian restaurant in the Greater Grand Crossing area & they have a lot of knowledge and know the key to a healthy lifestyle. I believe that the sky has no limitations, the universe is what you want to make it and either make it a better place for all, make it bad for all, or leave it the same. The decisions we make change the future.