This week Team Greater Grand Crossing met with some amazing organizations, who took time to tell us a bit about what they did in the community. We “accidentally” found a volunteer opportunity with Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation at a church near Gary Comer Youth Center: http://www.gagdc.org/index.html

            We also visited Soul Vegetarian (http://www.yelp.com/biz/soul-vegetarian-east-chicago) and Life Organics, (http://www.citysearch.com/profile/803564920/chicago_il/life_organics.html) to get a better feel for the neighborhood. Life Organics is a new business, while Soul Vegetarian has been around for many years, signaling both new and old investment in the community. Greater Grand Crossing has so much to offer, from the business owners we met to the Youth Center to the potential volunteer opportunities ahead – I can’t wait to get to know the neighborhood!!