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This week has been quite eventful. We jumped right into the challenge of getting to know one another through team building activities and games. We questioned, learned and discussed our thoughts concerning health disparities with healthcare professionals of the Chicago Family Health Clinic (CFHC). We used a strength based approach to locate and map some of the resources in South Chicago. And most importantly, we courageously embraced the challenge of getting to know the people that contribute to the development of the community’s health by way of organizing, programming, educating, and/or providing direct service work. 

The photos attached represent our informational interviewing experience with Principal McCoy of William K. New Sullivan Elementary School. Principal McCoy shared with us how important it is to value our youth and their stories…that no matter their circumstances they have potential and can learn. The stories and information she imparted to our team reminded me to how important it is to recognize assets that are often overlooked when considering hard data about an environment. I specifically thought about resilience and how it isn’t measured when assessing a person’s health, a person’s aptitude, or a community’s resources. It is very important to look beyond what is easily measured and to investigate the circumstances that inform a person or community’s status. Although, we interviewed many other people this week through South Chicago, I truly valued the interaction that my team had with Principal McCoy.

SSP 2014 SC new sullivan listening