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July 1, 2015

We recently visited the Aldi grocery store on the border of Greater Grand Crossing and Woodlawn. We found the set-up to be interesting. The produce section had soda on one side and healthy foods on the other, forcing you to make a choice between nutritious and unhealthy eating. When you enter the store, it’s as if you are walking into depression. The aisle forces you to walk past chips, candy, alcohol, and sweetened drinks. On a positive note, they also had oatmeal, and provided choices between fresh and pre-cooked meat as well as fresh and canned vegetables. Like we read in Prescription for a Healthy Nation, people tend to buy what they see first and at eye level. The layout of the grocery store affects how people eat.
 In regard to our team project that we have been planning, we would like to create some sort of “Taste of Greater Grand Crossing” event for the community. This would be an event for businesses selling health foods and health supplies to get together to educate the community about nutrition while providing them with samples to promote awareness of their respective businesses. We plan to reach out to businesses such as Life Organic, the local clinic, Luis’ Grocery, Soul Vegetarian, etc. While our project would primarily tackle the topic of obesity (as it would raise awareness of healthier eating options) it would also involve sexual health and violence, for we hope to bring in guest speakers from the local clinic and from local violence prevention programs to talk about the two topics respectively. Our plans are still in the initial stages, but we are excited about the prospects of such a project, and look forward to the work that is to come.