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  This week, we learned that we strive to be pillars, not necessarily leaders, in the community. What are pillars?

We define pillars as…

  • those who help people to help themselves
  • support the structural integrity of the community
  • create space for others to grow and prosper

Because, it’s not about us and our agenda.  Even though we may have an idea and project in mind, we have learned that it is about supporting the community and its members based on their needs, assets, and visions for the future.

Some of the community pillars that we have met in Woodlawn this week are…

  • Mr. Marsh, Mr. Green, and CJ at Living Room Cafe
  • Lindsay, Danny, and the youth at the Experimental Station
  • Mr. Starr and Ms. Sitawi at the YWCA
  • Mr. Moore at the YMCA
  • Ms. Andrea at the Jackson Park District
  • Ms. Lisa Swanson and the residents of Park Shore Elderly
  • Ms. Burns and Ms. Edmonds at the Bessie Coleman Library
  • Sister Jackson at the Langley Church
  • Team Woodlawn (in development)

Our two service projects at Living Room Cafe and the Experimental Station’s 61st Street Farmers’ Market taught us about what it means to volunteer and allowed us to meet community members, from ages 8 to 80. We also decided to address obesity as our health topic for the summer. We also ran into Alderman Cochran of the 20th Ward on the corner of 64th and Cottage Grove! We are all looking forward to sitting down for a meeting with him in a few weeks. So, as budding pillars in the Woodlawn community, here is our ultimate SSP Team Woodlawn selfie:

Since another one of our objectives this summer is to HAVE FUN, we decided to do a funny crazy funky selfie. Check out our funny faces below!

Until next week,

Team Woodlawn