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Antonia Stokes

July 11, 2014

    This week I’ve felt better as a person and identified myself more. We did a lot of volunteering service projects. We volunteered at South Shore YMCA, Englewood Women’s Shelter, and Gary Comer Youth Center farm. It was a great experience to volunteer at different scenes and learn different techniques and give it back to the community. Week 3 of SSP is showing the great value of this program. It’s nice to see the progress of my team and the others’ thoughts or final ideas of the final project. I’m also amazed at the amount of positive feedback the businesses gave to incorporate into our project, I believe it’ll be an excellent turn out. To conclude, I’m looking forward to next week because that’s when all the “big plans” begin to come into place. I’m eager to follow up with all the businesses and see if they have any other great ideas to make our Health Fair robust!


Michaela Reese

July 8, 2014

We did a lot today. First, we did hoops in the hood at the south Chicago YMCA. There we helped with the day camp. We played games with the kids then took them to the library to see the reptile show. After that, we went back to Gary Comer Youth Center to talk to Sam Binison “the mayor of pocket town” to get the inside info on the neighborhood. We also told him our plan about how health fair, and he is willing to help up with our connects for the violence topic. Lastly, we went to Louie’s groceries to talk to the lady and ask if she is willing to join our program. So far everything is going great and coming together.