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Joe Archer

July 7, 2014

 I am pleasantly surprised at the success our project is having right from the get-go. Of the three organizations we have talked to about our health fair, all three have given us very positive feedback. The library offered us space on August 2nd to partner with their Summer Reading Fair, Bonfire Grill offered to provide free samples of healthy eating options, and Access Health Clinic hooked us up with a community outreach group that gives educational lectures on sexual health.* I was worried about getting positive feedback from the community, but the initial responses we have gotten have been amazing and the members seem to be engaged with what we are doing. I am getting very excited about the project, the health fair will be an excellent way to bring the community together  and educate them. There is already a good sized audience attending for the library reading fair. I can’t wait to see how it turns out and to invite people from my life to see the fruits of our hard work.

*Since writing this journal entry, Louis’ Grocery and Life Organics have also agreed to donate and participate in our health fair.


Mariah Billingslea

July 10, 2014

So far week three of SSP has been over all as awesome as the first day I met my team . The highlight of the week in my opinion was the gratifying progress my group has made with our final project so quickly. Also , I am very satisfied with how many  members in the Greater Grand Crossing community have agreed to participate in my groups final project event. Overall I am spilling with excitement and anxious for more meaningful work with SSP.


Dakhiri Williams


 Today was a good day. We got some businesses to show interest in our project. They also said they would help us with donations. This is a great opportunity for everyone in the community to come out and learn about and more of the 6 health topics. As a start this would be a way for businesses to have more people know exactly what they do and the products they offer, and have a extent to everyday customers. It is also a chance for the community business owners to know each other. This would be great way for the community to have fun and enjoy free food, drinks and products.