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 This week has been a great week. I’ve done great service activities, which includes running computer classes,  working with a group of kids at Besse Colman library and helping organize boxes at Marias Shelter.  We have decided on obesity as our health topic, but we are now debating on two ideas for our project. It will be a tough choice, but I am eager to know what the decision will be. I really enjoyed this week and looking forward to the next weeks.



Our topic is obesity. I’m really glad we chose this topic because it’s the ONLY thing that the Woodlawn community will not talk much about. I understand thats it’s a very new topic, but like Alderman Cochran said the Woodlawn community is evolving so it should be at least discussed.

I’m also glad we chose this topic because all the other topics really have an influence on obesity, for example violence or access to care. These things can all lead to obesity. This topic makes us think deeper on how to address, so it’s sort of a challenge and I like challenges.
The biggest challenge is that there are so many ways to address obesity. This is the part I personally struggle with because I’m not really a person that LOVES to make decisions, but we have some really good ideas going and I can’t wait till we actually choose a project and then start to implement it.