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After an emotional “violence week” Wednesday– featuring a peace circle and a visit to Maria’s Shelter for survivors of domestic violence — Team Greater Grand Crossing began Thursday at the Gary Comer Youth Center Farm, where we volunteered last Monday. Though none of us have much experience or comfort with farming or plants (or bugs), we were lucky enough to participate in the harvest. We picked fully matured Russian Kale from the garden, washed it, weighed it, and tied it into bundles to be donated to the Inner City Mission Food Pantry, just down the street from GCYC.
from left: Joe, Dakhiri, Antonia, me (Sally), and Michaela, among the kale.
some of the kale we harvested
Since our health project centers on obesity, and we just ate some delicious kale yesterday at Soul Vegetarian, it was a particularly apt volunteer project for our team. I really enjoyed the opportunity to try something totally new and, at the same time, feel good about what we as a team were able to produce for the community.