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Backbone of proposal letter to share with city officials and our partners:

We are from the University of Chicago Summer Service Partnership (SSP) program. Our program focuses on promoting community health and our team is working in the South Chicago neighborhood. We are contacting you because we have an opportunity to partner with a community organization with hopes of creating a project that fulfills a community need. The health topic we have chosen is violence, which is a major public health concern.

People internalize their environment and it is very important to us that what they internalize is positive and welcoming. The community garden is a positive and safe space. However, the sidewalk leading up to the garden is broken, has overgrown plants and weeds, and is surrounded by trash. Furthermore, there are no garbage cans or places to sit near the garden. Members of the community have expressed that they do not feel safe when they walk to the garden. We feel that something has to be done in order for people to feel safe as they walk to get fresh produce.

We believe we can beautify this area together and make it match the marvel to which it leads. To carry out this goal, the first step that comes to mind is to install a chain link fence in order to contain the plant life along the sidewalk. Some weeding on the sidewalk itself would also be necessary. We have set up a meeting with Alderman Pope to get clearance toward implementing these ideas. On the fence, we would like to place some type of artwork to reflect the artistic atmosphere of the community. We envision hand casts lining the pathway to the garden. Beautifying this area could also include stepping stones from the sidewalk to the garden and a seating area near its entrance.


Summer Service Partnership

Team South Chicago

Asia Beathea, Jada Kennedy, Salvador Murillo, Ashele Woods

Nick Lyon, Rachel Stones, Ashli Watts