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This summer has been going great thus far. My group and i have been to various organizations and places in the Woodlawn area and have done a lot of community service. The organizations and places we visited were the Living Room Cafe, YMCA, Jackson Park, Park Shore Elderly, Woodlawn Resource Center, Bessie Coleman Library, Langley Church, The Bike Shop, and the Woodlawn Clinic. We volunteered at the Living room Cafe and Langley church to serve food to the less fortunate. We entertained young children at the library, and did an outreach project with the bike shop/ farmers market. I also did a volunteer project with all of SSP, which was help sort boxes at Maria’s Shelter. My favorite project was passing out food for the food pantry at Langley church because the place was very lively and they had a variety of foods. It was healthy choices such as fruits and vegetables and I think that’s great because everyone should eat healthy. I also really liked working at the Living Room Cafe’s food pantry but they didn’t have a lot of healthy choices and most of their food was canned and that has a lot of preservatives in them. I feel like we all helped out a lot with all the work that we did and that we are making a difference.

For my group project, my group and I decided to clean up trash in different areas of Woodlawn, to create a walkable Woodlawn. We also want to get more trash baskets in the Woodlawn area. We have accomplished so much in four weeks, and we will keep striving until we reach our goals. We hope that they accept our proposals to get trash baskets and we hope to paint about five to ten trash cans bright colors. I really like SSP so far because we go over a variety of health topics each week which include violence, the environment, unemployment, housing, obesity sexual health etc. Group leaders take turns leading the different topics each week and we really go in depth with them. We watch videos pertaining to the topics, do various activities and group discussions. My favorite topic so far was obesity because i feel like that is not brought up enough and obesity can lead to many other health problems such as stress, housing issues, violence, etc. Everyone needs and deserves to live a healthy lifestyle and obesity is a huge problem in America today and it definitely needs to be brought up more than it is today.