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Violence is a very pressing issue, especially in South Chicago. The members of the community we talked to expressed this idea over and over, and it was very important to our team that we choose a topic that the community can easily identify with. I hope that our Peace Path will bring hope and positive feelings to the residents of South Chicago.



We choose violence as our number one medical issue because most people in this community are affected by violence and we would like that to decrease to make a better place to live.

 -Salvador Murillo

“I chose violence as the topic because I believe that we are capable of creating something beautiful for the community. By beautifying a part of the community, I believe that it would decrease the violence by getting the youth involved.”

 -Jada K.

The reason I chose violence is because mostly going around talking to the individuals of South Chicago and working members it seemed to be the major cause and problem of the community. Also working with the youth, I would like them to be aware of the negative and if they are going through something, there is always a positive outcome and they can make a way. 

 -Asia B.