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Dakhiri Williams

                                                                                                            July 17, 2014

In the Summer Service Partnership (SSP) program from the University of Chicago’s Medicine, I like the conversations we have with each other and how we can connect to each other even though we come from different backgrounds. I like the experience we have to the different things not in our personal community and see how lucky a person is and or how difficult your life is. The SSP program is a great way to be exposed to the differences that people experience in life and how a person gets something and how to specifically avoid it. I learned a lot from this SSP program so far.  I have learned and liked the places we visited with our project thus far. I enjoyed visiting the different communities and what they have in comparison into our community. In Greater Grand Crossing, the community in which I work in, my favorite site that I visited was Soul Vegetarian Restaurant on 75th S. Indiana. The first visit with my fellow mentors and mentees of the GGC team was a great experience to have a vegan restaurant on the south side of Chicago that isn’t technically all fast food. We got to meet the owner and his son who took over for the restaurant and got to know what the restaurant was all about and when it was started. The second visit was even better being with all of the SSP was good because we got fed to a new experience of food and quality of a healthy lifestyle. My team’s final project is as stated before the health fair that includes local businesses and all the health topics. The role I play in this project is the contact person for Louis Groceries and the contact/ spokesperson for the topic of violence and the guest speaker that will be coming out. Within our health fair project there will be guest speakers coming out talking about a specific topic to inform the youth, young adults and adults as a whole. This would also be an experience for people to learn about what they specifically do and a chance to learn about other people in the community they haven’t met before.