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As this week closes, I feel overwhelmed by where to start.  It is difficult to address one issue because there are so many different issues, and they are all interconnected.

How do we work on issues that are so large?  What is reasonable?  What is sustainable?

I suppose that more than anything, I am worried about not doing a good job.  Just writing this worry down, however, reminds me what my goal is for this program: to have a meaningful experience for myself, and most importantly for the high school students and recent grads on my team to have a meaningful summer.  Experiencing and managing uncertainty is an important part of this “heart work” that we are doing.  “Heart work” is what one community leader (pillar), Brian Echols, called the process of making positive change in community.

As we have engaged in this heart work, I have also noticed a change in myself and my own health behaviors – I have been moving more!  From riding a bike to work, to going for a short run, to doing yoga, I have been more active in smaller ways that were more meaningful than the large overhauls I have tried to make in my lifestyle in the past.

The changes I have noticed in myself reflect the heart work that we do in the community.  Meaningful changes have occurred in my life not in the New Year’s resolutions to start going to the gym every day, but in each individual time that I chose to take a walk after work instead of watching Netflix.   To make the summer meaningful, it is important to look for the incremental changes, the individual beats in this heart work, because ultimately I think those smaller steps will lead to more sustainable change.