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The Woodlawn neighborhood is very unique to me. There are a lot of opportunities people have in Woodlawn because they have a lot of organizations. Many of the people here in Woodlawn are very accepting to learn or get help. I think that’s something that’s very unique about Woodlawn because they are very open to talk and learn knowing that they have nothing. I think that’s something I could possibly learn from the Woodlawn community and it people. I think it would be great to be open to learn more and especially getting help. I’m not one to be open to getting help.

My favorite sites are the community gardens and the experimental station. The community gardens just show how some people are committed to their healthy eating and how they care about their community looking nice. These community gardens could have easily became another vacant lot in the community but somebody stepped up and decided to be a community asset. I LOVE the experimental station. I like it because Woodlawn has A LOT of violence and it’s one place where the youth can go and be safe. The people that work there also know how to get into the children’s head and persuade them to go down the right path. They do this by following them all the way until the youth are in college. I think that’s a great system. Both these sites I think bring the community together.

What I like about SSP is that it’s very diverse for one. I’m a big fan of diversity. I also like the structure of the program where there are team days and group days. That way we get to see everybody all week. I like how on group days every mentor has a turn on creating a fun Friday. I really like the activities that are played on group days. I think it gives us a community as SSP. I like how team Woodlawn, which I am on, is very understanding, and willing to help anybody in the best way possible. I LOVE how my team balances our strengths and weaknesses.

My team’s final project is the “Making Woodlawn Walkable” campaign. What we’re doing is mapping out the hot spots of trash and then sending them to the alderman so he can be educated on what’s going on in his community. Then we’re going to start cleaning Woodlawn’s “hot spots”. We’re then going to propose to the alderman that we want more wastebaskets so that people can have a place to place their trash. I would really love it if the alderman also approved of us being about to paint the wastebaskets. I think that would not only make the wastebaskets stand out but also make Woodlawn look beautiful. Lastly, we’re going to do an outreach to the community members about how to make a trash complaints and where the most trash is. We want people to be able to be physically active in their own community and that can’t happen if there’s trash and glass everywhere.