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Thank you, I am on Team Woodlawn otherwise known as the “pillars”. We are working in the Woodlawn community spreading the word of community health. In Woodlawn, there are pros and cons. Woodlawn is as wide from Stony Island to King Drive, and it stretches as far as 60th to 67th. Woodlawn also consist of four grocery stores, eight fast food restaurants, and three convenient stores. From the weeks my team spent in Woodlawn, we noticed it had a huge amount of litter on the ground. Also, it is known for its problems with hypertension (diabetes). Besides some of the cons in Woodlawn; my team has found two interesting places to visit. Those two are the Living Room Café and the Woodlawn Resource Center.

These two sites are very interesting to meet/see because they are two huge assets in the Woodlawn community. The Resource Center helps anybody in the community to come in and use their computers; hold meetings to bring awareness in the community. The Living Room Café helps community members who may be ex-felons, or are living in poverty, and who may need help to get back on track. There are plenty of other places in Woodlawn that act as these two I named.

But moving back towards SSP, working for them as been all right, but it hasn’t been great for me. Although working with my team, and the other mentors plus Cathryn has been good. I like how we can put our knowledge to cause a chain reaction in a community. I’m glad I chose and was chosen to participate as a SSP member. As a SSP member I learned that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I used to think Woodlawn didn’t have anything good going for it. When actually it does, and I now understand that there are people trying to do the same as me. Speaking if that, my team came up with a health topic to cover, and it was obesity…to perform the topic and to act on it. My group has decided to work in Woodlawn and pick up trash. We decided to push a “Walkable Woodlawn” campaign. It will consist of us cleaning and putting trash cans around, so more people can use the sidewalks to run, or walk; so they can practice their right to exercise in their community.