Antonia Stokes

July 25, 2014

Blog post

Five weeks down and 2 more to go! I’m in a bittersweet situation right now because I enjoyed SSP. Week 5 was all about asthma and environmental health. It exposed me to the dangerous task people in the city are trying to overcome, which is the toxic plant that’s at the state line. This is what stood out to me because the refinery is actually in resident’s backyards and it’s polluting the air. On our tour at the refinery we noticed futuristic type of machines that released ample amounts of smoke while processing the products that they make. Also on the tour we saw black mountains of a substance called Petroleum coke. Petroleum coke is a solid delivered from oil refinery or other cracking processes. At the refinery they had big mountains of this uncovered, which isn’t environmental friendly to the residents. Many have complained about not being able to have fun outside because dust from the uncovered Petroleum coke will be exposed into their bodies. Hopefully residents can create an organization to discontinue this refinery so they can breathe fresh air and have fun without worrying about toxic winds effecting their everyday life.