What up Team South Chicago,

Welcome to SSP 2015! We’re super excited to be working with you all this summer! Let’s start off by introducing ourselves.

First we have Fatima, a Social Service Administration student coming from Los Angeles but born and raised in San Francisco. She is all about community organizing and self identifies as a Xicana.

Next we have Sara, a rising second year undergraduate student. She is currently thinking about majoring in biology and is a champion tennis player.

Finally we have Stefan, who just finished his first year of medical school. His favorite activity is reading and he is a former  teacher.

All of us are HYPED to be spending the summer with you. We’ve already started talking to a couple community organizations in South Chicago to do think about some early engagement activities. We’re really looking forward to hearing input from you all about what kind of projects and groups you all want to spend time focusing on. See you Monday!

-Team South Chicago

PS some pics from our first few days:

Art Center YMCA Mural