Team GGC! Welcome you all and we are glad that you will be a part of the team this year. We are also glad that we could be a part of your lives for this summer. We look forward to getting to know you all on a personal and group level and we are ecstatic about the work we will be putting in this summer to have a positive impact on the GGC community. Expect to be challenged BY US as we embark on this journey together, but also expect to CHALLENGE US that we might learn from you and truly become a family. We believe that each of you have unique qualities about you that will be integral to this team and we look forward to expounding upon those as the summer continues. We are REALLY looking forward to working with you all and we look forward to leading you but, more importantly, following you as you share with us your ideas and opinions on what YOU want this summer to look like. So enjoy your weekend, rest up, and get ready to have some fun come next week! We will see you all on Monday! Sincerely, Emmanuel, Jamie, and Mae