Well, orientation week was pretty good. I like my team, Emmanuel, Jamie, and Mae have a really cool and laid-back vibe. They respect our space and opinions and we just talk and vibe. I knew Shantel and Darnell from school so it was pretty easy getting along with them. Shantel’s still short. She has a lot of stories to tell and she’s excited about going to college in the fall like I am. Darnell seems engaged. Her eyebrow game is pretty strong. She’s hilarious. That’s like my best friend. I told her about the SSP opportunity, so I hope she grows to love it like I did. Oscar is pretty cool. He’s funny. He dresses well.

Our team participated in the Up, up, and away activity at the Greater Grand Crossing Library. It was centered around learning about aerodynamics. It was pretty cool to interact with the kids of the neighborhood and helping with the activities. The South Side bus tour with Dr. Miller was pretty informative. I learned a lot about the old public housing that once existed in Chicago. Soul Vegetarian was quite an adventure. It took me out of my comfort zone with food. It was pretty good, I had a Garvey Burger. We also took a tour of Greater Grand Crossing with Mr. Sam Binion, which was really informative. We learned about the assets and disparities of the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood. I’m looking forward to using what we learned from him to assist our prject proccess. That is all.