This week is the second week for SSP. This week’s health topic is asthma and environmental health. On Monday, we had an in-depth conversation on certain topics that we feel troubles the community which are self-esteem, sexual health, drugs and alcohol, violence, and social media. All of these things pertain to the youth because the youth are the future.

We also had another chance to walk with Sam Binion around the neighborhood and he showed us some of the block club leaders in the GGC community. We also spoke with one of the head police officers to get his perspective about the community. He gave us tips to ensure we are protecting ourselves and minimizing our risk of becoming victims of fraud. This week we also volunteered at the GGC public library. We worked with third graders from the Gary Comer Youth Center and helped them with projects dealing with outer space and galaxies.

“Everyone here has a dream and idea of what they want to do and that makes a HUGE difference in the community. ” – Kendra Meally, worker at the GGC Public Library