During week 3 of the GGC summer service partnership, we watched a film titled The Interrupters. As a group, we reflected about how we felt about the film, what stuck out the most to us, and if we learned anything from the film. Tuesday, we met with Roderick Sawyer, an alderman of the 6th ward. We spoke to him about the assets and needs of the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood, and got his thoughts about what he felt the community needed the most, which was community engagement.

Later Tuesday afternoon, we participated in STEAM time with the 3rd graders at the Greater Grand Crossing library. This time we learned about the planet Mars, and how life would be like to live there. In a video Ms. Kendra showed us, it said that Mars was almost like a desert. In addition to the video, the children also created a mars rover,similar to that of those on Mars.

Thursday morning, we met with Marji, the director of the roof top garden at the youth center. During the time we spent with her, she gave us a quick background of how the garden was constructed on top of the building and we planted flowers called Snap Dragons. Marji also let Regene and Darnell try a strawberry! We smelled an actual spearmint plant too! Later on, we had a group discussion and worked on our PowerPoint presentations.