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Our neighborhood is Woodlawn and it is located on the South Side of Chicago. To someone that looks at it from the outside and not in full detail you may say that there is not much there. But if you are able to actually look and explore Woodlawn you will find many hidden treasures such as beautiful gardens, parks, and great programs for those in need. Some of my favorite places to go are the Blackstone bicycle workshop, and the gardens we work in. I like them because they offer greater attributes to the community such as safety and fresh produce.

Being in SSP I have learned a lot about the South Side of Chicago. For example there are many community gardens and there are many people that are doing their best to make a difference. What I like about SSP is that I get to learn about the community and other great qualities within it as well and I am grateful for that. So for the future of Woodlawn comes our project that all of team Woodlawn has put effort into making the idea reality. Our project is going to be a mural and this mural will display all the health opportunities in Woodlawn such as various organizations. Also we are collaborating with Apostolic Church to be part of their picnic and present our mural to a big audience as well as have games, T-shirts, and information about Woodlawn as a whole. My role in the project will be to paint the mural and make our project blossom into fruition. I, as well as the rest of my group am excited to show Woodlawn off as a great neighborhood to the rest of Chicago.

-Taifa Mugadili

Artist William Hill's botanical garden

Artist William Hill’s botanical garden