It would be a sweet, sweet welcome.

(Sweet) Welcome Team South Chicago, Youth Leaders!!!

As you might be able to tell from the exclamation points, we are excited to meet you and begin our work together in the community with our host site, Centro Comunitario Juan Diego.

Fun Facts About Your Mentors:


Your Team Mentors with Juan Diego Directors

  • Erin just finished her first year in the graduate social work program at U of C.  She originally hails from Nacogdoches, TX (the oldest town in Texas and yes she can two-step). She has lived in Chicago for several years now and absolutely loves summer in the city, especially watching little kids play in the “face fountain” in Millennium Park. She worked in the theatre for several years before attending graduate school, and is not afraid to make an absolute fool of herself for a silly game.   If she were a dessert she would be a rhubarb pie.
  • Emily officially passed her first year of medical school at the Pritzker School of Medicine. She grew up mostly near Little Rock, Arkansas but lived for a time in South Carolina (so basically the homelands of legit BBQ). She moved to Chicago this past year after going to college at Duke University in North Carolina and living in India for a year. She loves getting outside and going for a run or playing some soccer and is happy to make either happen with our group this summer! If she were a dessert, she would be a red velvet cheesecake (obviously with an oreo crust, because who doesn’t love oreos).
  • Danny just casually dropped the mic on his first year of college at UChicago. He grew up in the Southside of Chicago (Gage Park) but attended a boarding school in Massachusetts for high school. He’s majoring in Comparative Human Development and is also pursuing a premed curriculum. His passions include playing soccer, watching soccer, listening to rap music, talking about rap music (or just music in general), and taking long walks on the beach (jk but if you guys want to go on said walk let’s do it). If he were a dessert, he’d be a peanut butter drop (which is why the mic is on the floor). *Danny Out*


    SoChi Wisdom

We’ve enjoyed spending the last two days in the neighborhood and meeting some of the community members.  Juan Diego, our host site, has been so welcoming, and we are all very excited to meet YOU!  We have lots of ideas, but we know that our team is not complete without your input and expertise.  Also, Danny attests to an EXCELLENT carne asada quesadilla steps away from Juan Diego. Get ready for some fun-powerment, y’all (fun and empowerment, get it? No? That’s fine, we’re rolling with it)!