Team Greater Grand Crossing:

Hi! My name is Jada Ross, I am currently working with communities near me through the University of Chicago. We are studying the term of health equity. Health equity is the highest level of health attainable by health care. The purpose of health equity is to ensure that everyone has equal access to the things that make it possible to lead a healthy life. This is achieved by actions such as the equal promotion of health opportunities and distribution of resources that make health possible. When the term health equity comes to mind, I think of health companies such as hospitals or medical insurance companies because they play a big role in ensuring that health equity is maintained.


Hi my name is Khala Imanimary Rice. I am with the University of Chicago. My goal is to help impact my community. I will like to be the game changer in making the Greater Grand Crossing Community a safer and accessible place to live in.Health equity to me means bettering how you take care of yourself such as your daily lifestyle.Also, what you eat and what you drink.Many people should take in consideration what is nutritious for their bodies such as whole foods and lots of water.Many of us need to restrain from fat food,and high glucose foods and need things that are beneficial to our community such as community centers , grocery stores, and schools. It would help many of our people to maybe come together and do something positive with their life.


Hello, my name is Oscar Lacey, I am with the University of Chicago I attend Richard T. Crane Medical Preparatory High School on the west side of Chicago. I chose to do SSP for another year because I wanted more of a organized based way to get involved in my community and to do something actively positive for my neighborhood. To attain health equity you must seek the highest level of health possible. Every human has the equal amount of opportunity to attain good health. When I think about health equity I think about hospitals, doctors, and nurses. Health is not just involving yourself with medicine. It also has something to do with you putting the effort in your daily routine to acquire good health for yourself such as running, jogging, walking, and biking. Another thing to help acquire good health equity is nutrition is your daily diet such as fruits and vegetables.

Health equity is an access to resources that affects your health. Lack of health equity is an unjust access to health care from for some groups. As we were walking through Greater Grand Crossing Community we noticed that there weren’t many health services, parks, and grocery stores which all effect health outcomes.To improve this issue in the Great Grand crossing Community we can host events to raise awareness for these issues by handing out pamphlets, holding educational workshops, and volunteering in food pantries.