What does __________ mean to you?

  • Community Health
    • how healthy the community is; measure based on what the major health problems are
    • In the community it can manifest itself as…
      • poverty
        • Results in a chain reaction (cyclical — difficult to break)
          • Not having enough money to eat right -> increased risk for illness (ex. diabetes) -> Not being able to afford healthcare -> poor health overall
      • environmental conditions
        • examples are..
          • construction dust
          • air pollution
            • from cars, school buses, factories
        • can lead to health problems like asthma
  • Good Health
    • Education
      • Need to know what it means to be healthy
      • Good eating habits
    • Access to resources (within the community)
      • Knowing where your nearest access points are and actually utilizing these resources
    • Being able to do what you want with your body
      • Examples
        • if you are extremely overweight, you can’t participate in daily physical activities
          • such as, playing with your children at the park
        • Smoking leads to lower stamina, prevents you from running, playing sports, or performing other daily activities
  • Health Equity
    • Some people and communities are starting with poorer health, so they need more help and resources to achieve good health
    • Be aware of needs of specific community and parts of the community
      • can’t just address one specific thing for whole community
    • Equality ≠ Equity https://publichealthatpenn.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/picture.png?w=351&h=248

Reflections on our first day in South Chicago

  • We enjoyed organizing the food pantry at Centro Juan Diego, even though they didn’t care too much about how it was organized.
  • It was nice to meet team members one-on-one instead of as a whole group.
  • Our Youth Leaders are STRONG, SMART and going to keep us well-organized!!
  • We also enjoyed practicing our speeches at Bessmer Park. More to come on that next week…