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IMG_9765                            Washington Park…WAPA has many different community assets ranging from the multitude of  religious institutions to community gardens. These various institutions contribute to the overall community health and wellness. Majority of the organizations are based upon helping the youth find purpose, good health habits, and lean toward financial independence.

While exploring the neighborhood we made acquaintance with a wonderful woman named Davonna Brown who is a licensed social worker and works at the KLEO center over summer helping to advertise health eating and reduction in gun violence.The KLEO center is one of the  greatest assets in the Washington park community. The KLEO center was founded because the founder’s sister Kleopatra was killed in a domestic violence dispute. Ms. Brown discussed that she feels there should be more visual signs to aware the community of the resources that are given within their neighborhoods. She also mentioned  that community health is a major roadblock in the progression of the Washington Park area. During  the discussion she disclosed that her own child has multiple food restrictions on what he can eat because of an unknown disorder, and living in a neighborhood known as a “food desert” and it is hard to find healthy food at a reasonable price.

As we walked through the Washington Park neighborhood, we made note of the various assets that we can use to aid us in the production of our final project. The WAPA community has so many organizations that are in place to help better the community, as you walk around the community has found ways to make up for not having an actual grocery store but instead so many open gardens where anyone in the community can come and pick up the food they need. The children of the WAPA community live in a low income neighborhood where poverty rates are extremely high; however, they have access to local facilities that allow them to have a program they can attend each summer.IMG_9789.JPG