On our quest to create our asset map, Team SoChi came across some interesting people. Here’s what we got from them:

  • Laura, SkyArt, Manager of Studio and Community Programs
    • Laura was the most interesting person to meet in the community because her story was very interesting. She talked about the history of SkyArt. It was interesting how she moved from a very small space to a 6000 square feet building. SkyArt is a good place for youth in the neighborhood to be creative and productive.
  • Sister Catherine, Immaculate Conception, Principal
    • Sister Catherine was another interesting person that we met in the community. She is the principal of Immaculate Conception Catholic school located on the corner of 88th and Commercial. She is interesting because she really cares about the students and the community.
  • Marta, Centro Comunitario Juan Diego, Assistant Director and Host Site Point of Contact
    • Marta has been so welcoming to us and is passionate and dedicated to the community.  She has helped connect our team to many of the other resources in the community, and we absolutely love our home at Juan Diego.

While on our quest, we had a negative interaction in the community, which resulted in a learning opportunity and an affirmation of our team’s assets.

  • At one of the other local businesses in the community, we had a negative experience but in the aftermath, we grew stronger as a group. We communicated our problems with each other and found an alternative way to deal with negative experiences in a professional ways.

This week allowed Team SoChi to discover more of our own individual assets as we began to think about our health topic and what we can bring to the community.

  • Jasmine’s asset is being detailed oriented. Tryce is a well-spoken person in our group, Brandon is a honest and out spoken person who speaks his mind but in a respectful way. Emily brings the enthusiasm into everything we do. Erin is always happy and cares about everyone’s well-being which is very important. Danny always brings the creative spin in every project we do.

The topic we chose is violence because everybody we talked to in the south side said that violence was a big problem in the community and it affects almost everything in their community.

We are excited for the potential we see in this community and in our team; we’ll keep you posted on the amazing things our team comes up with.