Asset Mapping means making a map that we can use to pin-point our assets. Assets are things or people who are of use to us. Assets in our community include ETA Creative Arts Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Gary Comer College Prep, South Shore Drill Team, Chicago Public Library, Black Cinema House, and Hoard Park. One of the most common things we saw were places of faith, there were about six churches. One of the things that we didn’t see many of were restaurants and grocery stores. We came across three places that provided food to the people in the community such as the St. Columbanus Catholic Church, the library, and the Inner City Mission Network.

    While exploring our assets, we met many people who gave us their perspective on the community. Some things that these people thought were that there is too much violence in our community, a cleaner community was necessary, there was a need for economic development, low-income housing, and our people need more unity. While the community attempts to provide resources for community members, outside factors such as violence, makes it hard or impossible to access these resources. To address this issue, we hope to have violence and sexual health workshops at Gary Comer Youth Center to assist community members so that they can learn about ways to help their community.