Silence the Violence


Reasons for Selecting Topic:

We learned that violence has other contributing factors like unemployment, emotions, drugs, and lack of purpose.

Our decision of choosing violence was based on how the community members responded when asked what the biggest issue the south side neighborhood face. Also the factors that contribute to violence has a huge impact on the community.  We also all have some experience with violence in our community in one way or another.

  • Unemployment:   people steal and kill because the lack and desperation of money.
  • Emotion: People don’t know how to control their anger so as a result they rely on fighting to resolve their issues
  • Drugs: as an alternative to deal with reality of their circumstances, people turn to drugs which make them irrational and harder to control their  anger.
  • Purpose: Most people that are in gangs  initially had nothing to do so they joined to have a sense of purpose in life.

Topic Progress- Silence the Violence with CPL

This week we met with Jena, the librarian, and established a mentor program within the libraries teen lounge. In the program we will talk about street law, peer pressure, getting jobs and going back to school. Within the lessons, we will have fun projects that the teens can do and things to take home.

Team Bonding:

One of the humorous highlights this week was the moving of a HEAVY desk at Juan Diego.  It took the entire team to move the desk and part of the procedure involved Danny riding the dolly (see first photo)!