The first topic that we chose was sexual health. We, as a team, chose this topic because sexual health was something that we, as youth leaders, learned in school and, therefore, feel that it is an important topic to learn and discuss. We chose this topic because we know that there are many diseases and we want to help educate young teens who are in the stage where they might be sexually active. Therefore, we feel that these teens should know how to protect themselves and to make wise decisions in their sexual life. I, as a youth leader, chose sexual health because it is a very detrimental in this society to not know about sexual health. Also, sexual health is a common conversation with peers around me.
The other topic that we chose was violence. The main reason we chose violence as a topic was because, as we were talking to the community, that was the major concern among GGC community members. People in the community felt that violence had a big impact on their access to resources in the Greater Grand Crossing community. For example violence threatens people’s sense of security. According to one youth leader, her mother was coming home from work and, while she was driving, a group of boys pulled up on the side of her and said “Don’t shoot don’t shoot”. In this moment the youth leader’s mother was scared and felt that her security was threatened. In addressing violence we hope to create change within our community and make sure people feel safer and feel free to access their community resources without fear..