One of our topics is Sexual Health. We chose this topic because sexual health plays a big role in the overall community health. Part of our final project is leading sexual health workshops at the Gary Comer Youth Center. We have already led one and plan on leading another one. When the class began, we quizzed the students on what they knew, in order to get a basic idea of their level of knowledge on the topic. We found that the students did not know much about sexual health or sex at all. We then went over, in detail, the major information of sexual health such as STI, contraception, female/male anatomy, and asked the students what they would like to learn about sexual health. After answering all questions, we quizzed the students again, to see what they had learned. They had made a big improvement so our workshop was a big success.

Violence is another topic we are addressing as part of our final project. We chose this topic because we felt that most members in the neighborhood said that the violence was the biggest problem in the community. In Greater Grand Crossing there are many valuable resources and assets that the community can use like the park, grocery stores or restaurants, but many community members feel that these resources are difficult to access because of the violence. Therefore, we came up with an idea to create a mural for the community and as a host site we chose The Food and Paper Supply Co. The Food and Paper Supply Co. is located across the street from the Gary Comer Youth Center. Our idea for the mural that we had drawn out on paper consists of a tree which represents Greater Grand Crossing, but  this tree is on fire and the fire represents the violence. Then on the mural putting out the fire, which represents the violence, is a bucket of water, which represents peace, and on the bottom of the tree are the roots of the tree, which spell out COMMUNITY, signifying that community is the root to the solution for the violence.