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We decided to partner with the YWCA and take on a project about sexual assault and consent. In the coming weeks, they are going to train us about sexual assault and help us build an anti-sexual assault campaign in Woodlawn. Our project is centered on a blog that we will create as an informative resource and discussion board about topics of consent. We are planning to create posters and flyers about our topic which will bring people to our blog. Additionally, we are customizing shirts, pins, and condoms.
We decided that this would be a good approach to taking on the topic of sexual assault because it can raise awareness about the issue and provide Woodlawn community members with resources about consent and sexual violence. Our ultimate goal is to decrease the prevalence of sexual assault in the Woodlawn community and to get people talking about this important issue.
The YWCA is helping us build a social media presence by linking our blog in their Twitter. They requested that we brainstorm a digital media engagement strategy to get people online talking about the issue; we are currently working on a hashtag! Some of our ideas are #GotConsent, #ConsentIs, and #SometimesThree (because it takes two people to get consent… sometimes three).
The first time we met with the YWCA we were unsure about our topic, and they provided us with a long list of topics that they would be able to help us out with. Without them, we would have had a very difficult time narrowing down our options. The second time we met with them, we came in with a topic but no solid project idea, and again, they helped us turn our vision into a solid campaign. Next week the YWCA will begin training us; we are looking forward to becoming more informed advocates for consent.