Our Weekly Reflections:

  1. Project’s Connection to Topic

  2. Community Collaborators

  3. Changes to Project

  4. Impact of Project


Our project connects to our topic by showing the youth in the neighborhood positivity to decrease the violence. We see that people are causing violence because they have nothing else to do. We are teaching the youth how to write a resume and how to handle peer pressure.

Our team will be partnering with the Chicago Library for our final project. We seen that the library already had a teen program. It was best for us to partner with them because it was people that can relate to us youth leaders.

We changed our minds twice about our final topic. First we thought of fitness because ww saw a lot of overweight and unhealthy people in the neighborhood. Then we thought of the topic health in general. At the end of the day we all agreed on violence because a lot of people in the neighborhood said it was the biggest problem.

Our final project will impact our community in the future. We are leading the youth on the right path because they are the future. We are trying to decrease the violence and it all starts with the youth.



Our project connects to our topic because most community members said that the biggest problem is violence due to unemployment. With this mentor program, we will teach youth how to build resume and interview skills to get jobs. We will also teach peer-pressure and confrontation strategies, know your rights lesson and a back to school lesson.

The library because they already established a teen lounge that brought teens in and we just step in as an advisory board to facilitate programs to help the youth.

No, I did not change my mind about the project at any point.

The impact will be people learning skills that they otherwise wouldn’t  learn in school like how the build a resume and peer-pressure strategies. And hopefully they teach others what they have learned.


Our project connects to our topic because the reflections we got from the community were that violence, and lacks of jobs were the main problems in the community.

 Yes we are collaborating with the Chicago Public Library’s Teen Advisory board to come up with programs for teens in the community. We are doing this because the teens in the community are the future. Teens will learn how to build a resume, proper interview attire, how to deal with peer pressure, and how to interact with police.

No I didn’t change my mind about our topic because the feedback from the members in the community helped us decide.

Our project will have an good impact on the teens because it will equip them with the necessary and required skills to be productive adults in the future.