This week our team had a lot of major accomplishments. On Tuesday we participated in an ICAH workshop on peer education and sexual rights. The presentation informed our team more on the importance of sexual education. With this information our team was able to further develop our topic on sexual assault and narrowed our focus down to consent.
The resources that our final project will provide a blog informing the community of Woodlawn on consent, how to get and give it, and what consent looks like in practice. We are also making posters, flyers, t-shirts, pins, and a basket of condoms to pass out in certain organizations such as the YWCA, in order to connect people to our informational website.
One setback our team had came when we could not figure out what to put on our blog and posters, however on Thursday we had a training session on sexual violence and consent at the YWCA. In this session, we covered how sexual assault is like an umbrella uncovering the different problem. We also watched a multitude of satirical videos on consent and how many people are not aware of how problematic the issue is. In addition, we also did an activity on physical and emotional boundaries and how they differ from person to person and what that may mean to someone who has been sexually assaulted.
So far we have learned about all the aspects of sexual health and about how healthy sex is supposed to be. With our topic being consent we will focus on the main aspects of consent, which are:
·         Consent is given freely
·         Consent can be withdrawn
·         In the state of Illinois, you cannot give consent under the age of 17
·         At any age you cannot give consent under the influence of drugs or alcoholIMG_0567(1)