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The project we decided to do is a PSA about mental health. In our PSA, we will include interviews from community members such as veterans, teens, and  staff members of the various organizations we’ve partnered with. This week we managed to interview a veteran, a homeless man, a social worker, and one of our own youth leaders, Destiny. We have done a lot of planning for our video as well capturing actual footage. We found various resources for people to contact if they ever need to contact someone for help due to a mental illness/breakdown. We plan to include this information at the end of our video. A setback for us was that some people interpreted the questions in a way that we did not intend to ask in that manner. The question was “How do you take care of your state of well being?” and one man replied with how he took care of his physical well being. The questions we designed were targeted towards mental well being but due to the man being homeless he assumed otherwise. Another setback was interruptions; while we were recording there were people talking, moving, and getting in the video while we were interviewing someone else.

This summer has been filled with highs and a few lows, from changing of plans to constant working. Through it all, the team has learned multiple lessons. We learned to go with the flow because sometimes partnerships would fall through or  volunteer opportunities are not what we expected it to be. All members of the team were forced to step out of their comfort zone and handle situations or talk to people that they wouldn’t normally talk to. As a team, two of the most important lessons that were enforced throughout the summer was to not let our differences with others divide but instead bring us closer. Second most important lesson was learning how to actually work in a team where each member has equal power, meaning knowing when to step up and take the lead if need be or even falling back allowing someone else to take the lead.

Slogan: “A healthy mind is the greatest treasure to find.”