Part of our final project are the sexual education workshops. Some setbacks we had for our sexual education workshops have been that, when  revising and adjusting our teaching method for the second class, we had to reconstruct our Bingo sheets in a very short amount of time. Some achievements that we had were going into a room full of active and engaging teens and teaching them new information about sexual health that they may not of known before. We were also able to clarify misconceptions they had about sex , STI prevention, and contraception. Some surprising factors that we encountered were finding out that they knew a good amount of information about sex, more than what we expected. Our second project is to design and create a mural addressing violence. Our mural depicts a tree of Greater Grand Crossing.The roots represent community, the fire in the tree represents violence, and raining clouds represent peace. Up to this points we have just designed the sketch for the mural.
     This summer has been a great learning experience. This summer we have learned the importance of doing service to help improve the community. We have learned effective peer teaching skills. Examples of such teaching skills are that  ending joking between students when beginning presentations, helps get their focus for the rest of the presentation. Also, we learned that to be an effective teacher you have to build a relationship with the students to deliver a good lesson. We, furthermore, learned that making students feel their questions are important, is an effective way to make the students feel valued. Lastly,  we earned that it is beneficial to have connections with all types of people to facilitate projects.