Brandon’s Story:

Once upon  a time not long ago, a boy with no values or morals double crossed his so called “friends ” or “brothers” to want to be or to prove himself to a gang. This is why our program will have a big impact on the youth in the community because the youth does not need to be another statistic or stereotype. Our project will give the youth a chance that others didn’t have to better their life and prepare their future for how they want it to look like. 

Jasmine and Erin’s Story:

On Wednesday, the group and I had planed, prepared, and practiced for our mentor program at the Library that afternoon. We were super excited to teach the youth about interviewing skills like how to properly dress, act professional, and then we were going to do mock interviews. Later that day, we walked into the Library with our shoulders high and our confidence on our sleeve all to be told by Janae  “Sorry I will have to cancel the teen lounge today”. After we received the news, we sank in the wooden seats wondering what we will do with the material we prepared and the rest of the day because we had three hours left. Then we decided to do some service at SkyArt art center since it was directly across the street. They were having an event that night and needed us to draw butterflies and inspiration things on the sidewalk with chalk to represent a safe neighborhood. While drawing big beautiful colorful butterflies that seem to flutter off the ground, lots of community members stopped to admire the hard work and talk. When I was drawing a big love filled heart, a women stood over me and said that I should draw a broken heart because that’s how the people feel. I didn’t ask her a follow up question I just let the statement sink in my mind. Why do people feel that way? How can mend that heart in the little time we are here?

Jasmine and I continued our paintings.  The woman moved a little closer to me to talk further.  She told me a bit about her experience in the community.  She may have had a broken heart, but she was thankful that little kids could stand on the sidewalk in peace and beautify the neighborhood for a few moments.