This week the major achievements that we made concerning our project were getting more training at the YWCA and continuing to get feedback on our project and the things we should add to it. During the week we also had productive time creating our flyers and setting up where we can place the condoms and flyers. Setbacks on the project this week were that we can’t have our T-shirts because of financial constraints, taking much time and consideration to figure out how to make a flyer that would work for us and catch attention for people to go to our blog, and finding statistics that were accurate enough to use and add to our blog.

This summer we’ve learned about the good effects on using birth control and the importance of knowing the limits of your body and your partners. We also learned about skills on how to treat someone when facing a trauma, how to interact with senior citizens, service on how to make an impact on the community, and making a website. The policies that were affecting our health topic were Title IX, and the YWCA, these could be improved if we get a stronger understanding on what exactly what these organizations do, how they seek out to people, the pros and cons of things they can and cannot say in order to promote a positive outlook on the people who could potentially be a part of them. To top off our final project we will be passing out our flyers and condoms to local community organizations.