This week our team worked on a mural in the Greater Grand Crossing community. We combined our ideas to formulate a beautiful mural to emphasize a message of love and peace in our community. Some obstacles we faced when painting this mural was that it began raining at some point and we had to rush to paint part of the mural to allow the paint to dry. At other points, it was very hot outside. The heat had a huge effect on our behavior and made us feel frustrated at times. The heat also caused fatigue and discomfort. Lastly, we also faced an obstacle when we could not use our projector. We were forced to free hand the mural because the projector would not show an image on the wall because of the intense light from the sun. However we managed to get most of the mural done in one day. The next day we did touch ups in areas needed on the mural and we managed to finish it rather quickly. We were very happy with our end result.

We believe that unemployment plays a big part in the issue of violence in the Greater Grand Crossing community. The lack of local business is a possible contributor to the local unemployment. The fact that there are not many opportunities for people may lead to formations of gangs which contribute to violence. Policies to add more businesses in the community could be a way to fix this problem because, not only does it put money in peoples’ pockets, but also can give people something to do and may lower gang activity. This is a main factor that we believe affects violence in Greater Grand Crossing and a possible change in policy that can help fix the issue.IMG_6563IMG_6566