This summer was a summer full of learning and enjoyment for the Greater Grand Crossing Team. As a  team, we learned that we must be able to control our emotions in different settings so as to maintain positive relationships and be able to efficiently do our work. We also learned that it is important to thank our community partners for all the help they provided us, both because their help was essential for the completion of our projects and because their partnership is very important for the continuation of the Summer Service Partnership in the future. We also  learned that working effectively as team and utilizing all of our individual skills and talents can help us accomplish certain goals in a very efficient manner. Lastly, we learned that providing service is not about what one can receive from it, but about how one can impact the lives of others living in the given community one is working in.
     This summer our team members also accomplished some of their goals for the summer and had a lot of fun. Jada felt that she accomplished her initial goal of serving the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood in five different ways. She felt that this goal was accomplished by the different service sessions we participated in during the summer. Oscar felt that he accomplished his goal of playing an important role in the final execution of the final project. He felt he contributed significantly to the mural design and painting. Lastly, Khala felt that she accomplished her goal of persevering at times when she really did not really want to participate in an activity or service event. Khala was very engaged in all the work we did. Our team had a lot of fun preparing for the talent show and opening discussions with the icebreaker. Both of these times, were times with a lot of joking, laughing, and group bonding that we will remember in the future. Two of our favorite places to hang out were the  GCYC gym and the Chicago Public Library at Greater Grand Crossing because they provided a change of setting from our usual meeting spot. We felt that our biggest victory this summer was finishing the mural in a day in half by hand, even though one day was very hot and the other day was very rainy. Overall, we felt that this summer was a very productive summer that gave us an opportunity for personal growth and a chance to build many new and positive relationships.

Picture: Oscar’s drawing of the team members and Jada’s drawing of Oscar