The past seven weeks in Summer Service Partnership has been a full of hard work, dedication, and lots of love.  We have learned to work in a team, become an advocate and leader for the community, and how to overcome difficult challenges.

Brandon’s Goal: To be involved and learn.

  • Yes, I have received a lot of constructive criticism about my attitude and have learned to  be more open minded.

Tryce’s Goal: Have fun and learn.

  • I have accomplished my goal by exploring the neighborhood and getting to know my teammates.

Jasmine’s Goal: Make new friends

  • This summer I got to meet new people and had the opportunity to know and build relationships with them.

We have had plenty of moments after the days work is done to get to know each other and laugh. There were many moments that laughter filled the air and tears surfaced due to Brandon’s hilarious comments , Erin’s gestures, Jasmines reactions, Tryce’s awkwardness, Emily’s goofiness and Danny’s stand up comedy. And most of those moments happened at our favorite hang out spot which was Juan Diego, our host site.

As we close out of SSP 2016, we reflected on our biggest impact this summer.

“Showing people that we care about the community.”


“The relationships that were made in the community and within the program.”


“The mentoring program at the library.”


JazZz-E ~ Service in the community brings South Chicago unity.

T-ryce Solo ~ We serving for the summer. We above from being under.

B-Meezee ~ The community is segregated and broken apart, but all it takes is time, effort and heart.