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This summer Team Woodlawn learned more about each other, the community and more ways to better our health to then pass it on to others, regarding bettering their health. However, we gained the most knowledge about our project topic, sexual assault/consent. Through our training with YWCA, we learned the definitions and guidelines of consent, what makes something sexual assault, aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and got filled in on sexual health information we weren’t aware of.
Team Woodlawn’s goals were to become more open in sharing our opinions, doing something we see making an impact, and educating the community about sexual assault/ consent, along with some personal goals. I definitely believe we all achieved our goals as a team and our personal goals.
Our best laughs came from getting to know each other, sharing funny stories, and imitating each other. We loved that we could crack jokes on each other without it being taken to heart. Our laughs definitely helped Team Woodlawn create a bond and lasting friendships. Our bond helped us get through the summer and getting our project done. Our favorite hangout spot had to be Robust. We spent a lot of time there working on our project, bonding through games such as, scrabble and heads up, and eating. Robust was also a great run to place to cool off and relax in the air conditioner on the extremely hot summer days.
Our biggest team victory was creating a blog post that seems to really have a long lasting impact. As of today we have 83 views on our website, within two days! We hope people continue visiting our website and it has been some form of support to those 83 viewers. Our hope is that it gets to at least 1,000 views. We will miss Woodlawn and each other.