As a team, we define community health as everything in your home environment that contributes to your health and community resources that people need. Some examples of community health are seen in grocery stores that provide healthy foods, gyms and tracks, bike lanes, health clinics, social service organizations, quality hospitals, and more. In the Woodlawn community, we observed the Jackson Park Community Garden, the Jackson Park golf course, the YWCA, Aldi grocery store, the YMCA, and schools as resources that convey community health.

We define health equity as everyone having the resources that they need based on their income and economic status. The YWCA is an organization that offers resources for both men and women of any economic status in order to promote health. They have a variety of services for people in the Woodlawn community and provide services regardless of one’s income level or social status.

In walking through the Woodlawn community, we observed that it was not as dirty as we expected it to be. We were, in fact, surprised to find a lot of nature in the neighborhood. We faced a team challenge in regard to our service project for the week given that we were not able to do service at the Jackson Park garden; however, we made the best of the situation by walking through the garden and identifying the food growing there. In our walk throughout the neighborhood, we took note of some potential assets that will be useful in our asset map of Woodlawn.

We learned that in communities where there seems to not be a lot of fresh produce, there are many gardens and resources that offer natural, fresh fruits and vegetables. We also learned about the resources and opportunities that the YWCA offers which was surprising and enlightening given that many people in our group have walked past the organization and never knew what they offered.

We’re excited for our service opportunities next week!

-Team Woodlawn