Hanging atop a turtle at People’s Park.

Team South Chicago got so much done this week, especially with a focus on exploring our neighborhood and getting to know each other (and our strengths and skills that we bring to a group) better! Here’s a quick recap of all that we were able to pack in over the past few days.



Admiring a mural off of Commercial Avenue.

We spent the day at the U of C, getting to know each other and finally spending a full day with our teams! We watched a presentation by Dr. James Woodruff on health inequity that included a rap that got stuck in youth leader Miriam’s head for awhile. We also constructed group agreements to ensure that we offer a safe space and are comfortable.

“SSP is a very creative way to meet new people!” – Gianna, 16



Picking mulberries off of a tree in the neighborhood.

We started our day with a ton of icebreakers (included a fun show & tell that we did with pictures on our phones). From there, we went out on a Photo Scavenger Hunt to explore South Chicago. While doing it, we picked up trash and beautified the neighborhood. We explored our community in a safe & educational way.

We ate mulberries off of a tree, we saw four excellent dogs, one sleepy cat, and a tub full of guinea pigs getting bathed. We went to Bowen High School, saw a door Miriam painted, Gianna’s mom’s photo in the library celebrating her community activism, and saw Daveante’s friends. We spent lunch at Dulce’s, a local community-owned cafe and decided to eat once-a-week all summer at a Black or Brown-owned restaurant. We also stopped by three community organizations: SKYart, Latino Resource Center, and Centro Comunitario Juan Diego.

“One thing I liked about yesterday was the motivation of the team to get everything done and not just give up because of the heat!” – Daveante, 18



We reminisced and prepared for the blog and got excited for our first all-partnership service event at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  We also practiced elevator speeches and learned more about asset-based community development.

“I like working on Team South Chicago because we are productive but we also have fun.” – Miriam, 16