This week our team spent time exploring the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood and learning about the many resources and assets of this community.  In creating an asset map of Greater Grand Crossing, we found a lot of great community organizations and resources.  Here’s a list of some of the community assets we found:


Gary Comer Youth Center offers a ton of awesome programs for youth on the south side.  They have an Upward Bound program for incoming freshmen, recreation room for socialization, health clinic to meet health needs, a dance studio, gymnasium, art programs, media and tech programs, a farm and garden, and the South Shore Drill team.


We also discovered a number churches and food pantries serving the community, including St. Columbanus Catholic Church, New Covenant Missionary Baptist, and Inner City Missions food pantry.  Additionally, Grand Crossing Park and Recreation Center offers a community pool, swim classes, and youth sports teams.


One asset we found especially beneficial is the Access clinic at the Gary Comer Youth Center.  We were able to see a demonstration lesson on how to take a patient’s blood pressure by a really great nurse practitioner.  He provided us with great detailed descriptions on why it is important to take blood pressure and what high blood pressure could indicate for a patient.  This was especially interesting to us because many of us are interested in going into the medical field.   The health clinic at Gary Comer can provide youth with important primary care services and respects the confidentiality of youth patients.

Overall, Greater Grand Crossing has many amazing assets and resources for the community.